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General Structure

A typical Location History extraction from Google Takeout will look something like this:

├─ archive_browser.html
└─ Location History/
   ├─ Records.json
   ├─ Settings.json
   └─ Semantic Location History/
      │  ...
      ├─ 2020/
      │  ├─ 2020_JANUARY.json
      │  ├─ 2020_FEBRUARY.json
      │  │  ...
      │  └─ 2020_DECEMBER.json
      └─ 2021/
         ├─ 2021_JANUARY.json
         ├─ 2021_FEBRUARY.json
         │  ...
         └─ 2021_DECEMBER.json


Folder names might be different for Google accounts in different languages.

From here, the most relevant files and folders are:

This file contains all available raw Location History data. See Raw Location History Data for more information.
This file contains additional auxiliary metadata, like information about the devices used and account settings.
Semantic Location History
This folder contains higher-level information about the user's inferred activity and movements. There is one subfolder for each year of data, and inside each subfolder one file for each month. See Semantic Location History Data for more information.

Last update: 2023-06-30