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Raw Location History Data

Raw Location History data consists of a list of timestamped location records in chronological order for all the historical location data available and presumably at the most granular level possible.

This raw Location History data is found in the Records.json file (see General Structure). Inside this file we can find a single flat locations array containing all of the location records:

  "locations" : [...]

Each of the location records in this array has a very similar structure. A location record might look like this:

Example location record
    "timestamp": "2022-01-12T17:18:24.190Z",
    "latitudeE7": 414216106,
    "longitudeE7": 21684775,
    "accuracy": 47,
    "velocity": 0,
    "heading": 188,
    "altitude": 89,
    "verticalAccuracy": 27,
    "source": "WIFI",
    "deviceTag": 1234567890,
    "platformType": "ANDROID"

From this, the most essential fields are:

  • timestamp: Timestamp of the record as a string in ISO 8601 format (YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ss.sssZ). The suffixed Z indicates that the time is in the UTC time zone.
  • latitudeE7 and longitudeE7: Coordinates (latitude and longitude) of the location reported as integers. The values need to be divided by 107 to be in the expected range.

For more information on the other possible fields see the full format definition.

Last update: 2023-06-30